Master of Science in Mathematics

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This program is designed to increase competence in the core mathematical fields of algebra, topology, and analysis. The student will complete a project or thesis pertaining to an area of interest to the student under the direction of an advisor. If a student elects for the thesis or project option, submission of a written manuscript and an oral defense of their thesis work is required. If a student elects for the actuarial project option, they must pass two internal or external professional actuarial exams not already passed. The program is designed to prepare the student for creative professional work in mathematics, to teach mathematics at the post-secondary level, or for further study at the doctoral level.

Required Courses (12cr)

MA511 Advanced Linear Algebra (4cr)
MA513 Analysis: Real and Complex (4cr)
MA516 Topology (4cr)

Elective Courses (12 cr)

MA521 Topics in Algebra (4cr)
MA541 Topics in Geometry (4cr)
MA563 Topics in Analysis (4cr)
MA565 Topics in Foundations (4cr)
MA570 Mathematics Finance (4cr)
MA571 Probability (4cr)
MA595 Special Topics in Mathematics (4cr)

Research (8cr)

Option 1: Thesis in Mathematics - MA589 (4cr), MA599 (4cr)
Option 2: Project in Mathematics - MA589 (4cr), MA594 (4cr)
Option 3: Passing Two Actuarial Exams - MA580 (4cr), MA594 (4cr)

Faculty Research Interests
J.D. Phillips - Nonassociative Algebra, Loops, Quasigroups, Rings, Automated Theorem Provers
Linda Lawton - Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematical Logic
Joshua Thompson - Geometry, Topology, Topological Data Analysis
Bao Truong - Optimization, Generalized Differentiation, Variational Principles, Applications to Behavioral Sciences
Qinghong Zhang - Optimization, Semi-Infinite Programming, Semidefinite Programming, Completely Positive and Copositive Cones
Roxin Zhang - Optimization, Non-Convex Analysis
Daniel Rowe - Nonassociative Algebra, Representation Theory

Thesis Projects
Theses are published and freely available in the repository: NMU Commons

Jason Haskell: Quandles that are Knot Quandles.
MS Thesis, April 2022.

Anthony Webb: Kissing the Archimedeans.
MS Thesis, April 2022.

Ronald White: Varieties of Nonassociative Rings of Bol-Moufang Type.
MS Thesis, April 2022.

Josiah Schmidt: Computable Model Theory on Loops.
MS Thesis, July 2021.

Andrea Clark: Visualizing Geometric Structures on Topological Surfaces.
MS Thesis, May 2021.

Erik Flinn: Algebraic Structures and Variations: From Latin Squares to Lie Quasigroups.
MS Thesis, May 2021.

Forms for Classes, Projects, Theses

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