So you, too, like fruitcake?
—Robert Walser upon being

introduced to Lenin, in Zurich between the wars.



Here is a link to a page devoted to some genealogical amusements.


Here is a link (alas, not updated as frequently as IÕd like to) to a page with a few of my essays.


Here is a link to a page devoted to some of youthful indiscretions.


Answer: Antarctica Journal of Mathematics and Rejecta Mathematica. Question: What are the two best journals in the world, Alex?


Here is a link devoted to "real life" stories, from the trenches of the academy.


Here is a link to sunrise and sunset times all over the world (and a pile of other interesting stuff as well).


Here is a link to a map of all the U.S. counties I've visited, an almost perfectly ironic page!

Here is a .pdf version of The Little Giants Math Book, a booklet I wrote on how to succeed in a college mathematics course.


Here is an explanation of why men shouldn't write advice columns.


Da Yoopers Musical Comedy Show; this is truly inexplicable.


My mathematical grandfather is J.H. Conway. So is this video by Conway Twitty a coincidence? I donÕt think so.

Here is a link to a page with pointers to some of the websites I like.

Follow this link to find
a list of all the species of birds I've seen in or from my yards i.e., my so-called "yard lists". You will also find photographs of some of these birds.


Finally, I note that I used to teach at Wabash, which is, of course, an all-male college, so I've included this brief video explaining the subtleties of all-male education, which, surprisingly, I think, seem to be beyond the ken of many academics.