Third, in a restaurant in Brno, 18 November 2007.


Fourth, winning Cub Scout sled team, Marquette, Michigan, 6 February 2010.


Fifth, kayaking on Lake Superior, our backyard, Marquette, Michigan, 30 May 2010.


Sixth, with Painted Turtle, our backyard, Marquette, Michigan, 26 May 2010.


Seventh, Jack got a kick out of this Mallard we found feeding at the Copper Harbor Sewage lagoon on 15 May 2011.


Eighth, holding a Painted Turtle, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan, 22 May 2011.


Ninth, holding a Painted Turtle, along the Peshekee Grade, Michigan, 12 June 2011.


Tenth, holding a Painted Turtle (different turtle than in previous photo), along the Peshekee Grade, Michigan, 12 June 2011.


Eleventh, in Roosevelt National Park, 21 June 2011.


Twelfth, in Glacier National Park, 24 June 2011.


Thirteenth, Lake Louise, Banff National Park, 26 June 2011.


Fourteenth, Voyageurs National Park, 29 June 2011.


Fifteenth, with his brothers, holding toads, Strawberry Lake, 13 May 2012.


Sixteenth, with Thayer, holding Painted Turtles, Lake Levasseur, Marquette County, 28 May 2012.


Seventeenth, holding a Wood Turtle, Ottawa National Forest, Houghton County, Michigan, 15 June 2012.


Eighteenth, gazing at an exhibition, Vienna, 15 February, 2008.


Nineteenth, with Zane, Peninsula Point, Delta County, Michigan, 25 May 2013.


Twentieth, with large Garter Snake, Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness, Ottawa National Forest, Houghton County, Michigan 26 June 2013.


Twenty-first, with Ringneck Snake, our S. McClellan yard, Marquette, Michigan, 29 August 2013.


Twenty-second, with Gray Jay, Peshekee Grade, Marquette County, Michigan, 29 November 2014.


Twenty-third, high in the Chiricahuas, 14 August 2015.


Twenty-fouth, Tent Rocks National Monument, Sandoval County, New Mexico, 8 August 2015.


Twenty-fifth, holding Clarkճ Spiny Lizard, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, 13 August 2016.


Twenty-sixth, with Evan, south of Melbourne, Florida, 3 March 2022.


In Sarajevo, January 2024.