Marquette, Michigan


Aurora, above my house, 23 March 2023; here's another view (again, from my driveway); and here is another.


Ore ship, 17 October 2009.


The iconic Marquette view, 18 August 2009.


Sled dog team, near the finish of the U.P. 200, Marquette, 21 February 2010.


Autumn, 3 October 2010.


Gulls below a rainbow, Lower Harbor, 26 October 2010.


Above the Lake, 4 January 2012.


Western Grebe: after the chase, 6 December 2012.


15 May 2014.


17 May 2014.


25 May 2014; here is the same view with Jack in the lower right corner, to give size perspective.


1 June 2014.


1 June 2014, take two.


Here is a video from a plane on final approach at K.I. Sawyer (Marquette) airport, roughly five miles from our house; this shot gives you a good idea of how vast the woods are up here. And here is a photo from a different flight (same location).


Ice breaker, five below, Lower Harbor, 24 January 2013.


Tanker under a rainbow, Upper Harbor, Marquette, Michigan, 21 September 2013.


Mile number 239, near the finish, U.P. 200 (240 mile race), Marquette, 16 February 2014.


The Stanley Cup came to Marquette, and I happened to stumble onto it (completely by chance; thereճ a funny story) on 2 October 2016; here is a close-up (I have no idea who these two ladies are).


Aurora Borealis, 26 February 2023; looking north from Picnic Rocks.