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This is the introductory calculus course. It is the calculus course that is required by most of the physical sciences and by the Mathematics, CS and Math Secondary Education curricula. Calculus I also satisfies the Division 3 Liberal Studies requirement. It is designed to be the first of the three-course sequence of calculus courses. (There is another introductory calculus course, Calculus with Applications (MA-271), for students of the life sciences, social sciences, business, industrial technologies, and elementary education. It is meant to give a sampling of topics from Calculus I, II, and III with the emphasis on applications in these fields of study.)

From this page, you can reach (1) a detailed course description for my section of calculus; (2) review materials from precalculus; (3) the five unit tests from the last time I taught the course (W,07); (4) keys to the five tests plus comments about typical erors made by students; and (5) handouts supplementing some of the material in the text.

Course Description

Precalculus Review Materials

Tests from F,07        

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