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NAME: Jeffrey Horn
TITLE: Associate Professor
MAILING ADDRESS: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855         USA
OFFICE: 2202 Jamrich Hall            
SCHEDULE: Click here for Jeff's office hours and daily schedule
OFFICE PHONE: 1-906-227-1607
DEPT. PHONE: 1-906-227-2020
FAX: 1-906-227-2010
WWW: http://cs.nmu.edu/~jeffhorn
email: Jeff Horn's email address in a captcha-type image, purposely obscured to make it unreadable, hopefully, by machines.  I hope to eventually link this image to an audio file for visually-impaired visitors to my web site.  In the meantime, please try calling my office number, 1-906-227-1607.  You will either reach me live, or a recorded message with my email address spoken.