Honors 201
Hon201 Winter 2022: Northern Michigan University

Tips & Expectations for the Discussion Leaders


  • Be prepared to facilitate at least 40 minutes of discussion. More is fine.
  • Be familiar with the basic topics of the assigned reading.
  • Create 3 or more discussion questions pertaining to the assigned reading.
  • Plan to spend 10 minutes or more on each question.
  • Have responses to each of the questions you bring.
  • Tips

  • Connect.
  • Think of how Kuhn relates (or doesn't) to Dunham and/or DFW.
  • Try to identify themes or patterns in the texts.
  • What do you find interesting? Chances are that someone else will too.
  • Be critical. Everything is a function of time & place. Is the style of the writing noteworthy?
  • Have fun. Are there funny/surprising/weird elements in the reading?