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After nearly forty years of teaching mathematics at NMU, I have retired. You may read a (professional) obituary on page 2 in the 2008 edition of the departmental newsletter.

Our multitalented secretary, Sue Laforais, created a powerpoint "sendoff" that she presented at a year-end math department party.

Here is a a link to a talk I gave in 2007, reminiscing on my forty years of teaching mathematics at NMU.

Here, too, is a link to some rambling thoughts about teaching that I wrote for the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee (TLAC) a few years ago.

Since 1969, I've taught many of our undergraduate mathematics courses, but I've become associated particularly with these five courses:

MA 115 (Precalculus),
MA 161 and MA 163 (Calculus I and II),
MA 171 (Statistics), and
MA 331 (Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry).

I've written many supplementary materials for these courses. As my last grasp on the teaching profession, a job that I have truly loved and am finding hard to leave gracefully, I will maintain this web site for a few years, publishing on it many of the materials I've written for those five courses.

For now, I have just included the course descriptions for one of the two calculus courses from the last time I taught them. I've also included descriptions for how I tested in that course. As examples of what my tests looked like, and therefore examples of the topics I regard as central to a calculus course, I've included copies of my "Unit Tests" with solutions and comments (Aren't you glad you don't have to take my tests?) In the near future, there will be more Calculus I materials and corresponding Calculus II materials. Eventually, I will get pages for the other three courses up and running.

Link to Calculus I (F,07)

Below is a link to the web site Rate My Professors dot com. I asked students who were enrolled in my classes the past few semesters to post their evaluation ratings if they were so inclined. I also asked them to write a few words about what it takes to be successful in mathematics classes. To see what past students have to say, you might want to look at this web site.

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