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Matlab Tutorials

The tutorials below were created by Prof. Gerhard Danglemeyer at Colorado State University. There's lots to learn here, so look often.

  • A quick intro to using Matlab to study differential equations
  • Basic arithmetic and array operations.
  • Scripts and Functions
  • Plotting functions
  • Symbolic Computation in Matlab
  • Matrics & Vectors
  • Polynomials in Matlab
  • Linear Systems of Algebraic Equations (.pdf)
  • Other Links:

  • How to use Ti-83/89-calculators to compute RREF  (by Harrison Filas)
  • Mathworks (Producer of Matlab) has a list of demos. You can also search for "tutorials" on this site.

  • One particular tutorial: Getting Started With MATLAB

  • Another particular tutorial: Matlab Tutorial Information

  • Here is a new, comprehensive tutorial. You can also download and print the corresponding postscript file.

  • A very comprehensive MATLAB web page can be found at the University of Maryland.

  • Links for Math 340-220