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GaTDA: Geometric and Topological Data Analysis

Using ideas such as distance, angle, connectedness, curvature, etc., to approach questions data analysis such as video, audio processing and classification.

Scratch work with principal angles

I'm starting to believe what I was told long ago that pixel based methods are very sensitive to registration both in time and space. In KTH, boxing videos of persons 1,4,6,8 are compared to boxing videos of person 1.

In this plot of the principal angles, persons 4,6,8 are slightly off-center during the first frame, then we uniformly spatially align each of the videos to get the second frame. If we do the same thing for the other side slice we get this plot of the principal angles. Finally, if we do the same thing for the top slice we get this plot of the principal angles

Video Slides

Video slides from from my talk at the 2011 DCI Colloquium. Warning, this is a pretty large file (47 MB). The first video is not mine, and can be found here.

You will need Apple's Quicktime media player to view the slides. One day maybe I'll make an html version of these slides, email me if you're interested.

Here is a copy of the slides in Keynote format.