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Assistant Professor: Northern Michigan University
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Math 211 :: Linear Algebra :: Computing Resources

Linear Algebra Exercises in MATLAB

  • Fitting a polynomial to data
  • Approximating integrals with linear algebra
  • Computing numerical integrals
  • Learning MATLAB

  • MATLAB Tutorial
  • Another MATLAB Tutorial
  • Dot product and parametric equations in MATLAB
  • Elementary Row Operations in MATLAB" [Not my document, skip to the bottom!]
  • MATLAB Code

    To submit your work (in style) in MATLAB read the first link below. The other links contain code useful for the type image processing we will be doing in MA211.

  • How to submit your work in MATLAB
  • Plotting distances between random vectors $$\mathbb{x}_k \in \mathbb{R}^n \mbox{ as } k \rightarrow \infty$$
  • How to load, resize & compute distances between photographs.
  • How to find the minimum distances using a given distance matrix in MATLAB
  • A Sample picture in case you need it, to save somewhere MATLAB can see it.
  • Other Links

  • Sound Processing in MATLAB.
  • Here is the IT Services Page.
  • MATLAB programs for linear algebra.
  • Sage: A powerful, open-source computing tool (interprets Matlab,Maple,etc.,).
  • fooplot: An easy on-line plotting tool.
  • Using system of linear equations to graph the degree n polynomial containg n-1 given points. A how-to.